Purge of the Chaos Scar

Session 2

after defeating the goblins, the characters camped down for the night. Travok woke to find two oddities: one, he was being dragged towards a chasm by some strange roots; and two, Mamdair, their companion from Hommlet, was hacking away at roots not too far from him. Together they overcame the strange aberrations. The other companions were gone, seemingly captured. Travok and Mamdair followed the tracks down into the chasm.

They fought more oddly animated roots and oozes in an underground, river filled cavern. Following the river brought them into another cavern, with a far wall of old, worked stone. They were attacked by glowing bats and the source of the crawling roots. Through a hole in the wall of worked stone they could see a chamber with a large circle of runes inscribed on the floor. A trap pulled Mamdair into the room, where creatures of undeath, a groaning zombie and wraithlike horrors, swarmed him. the zombie was very hard to keep destroy, until they figured out that it had to be defeated in the circle of runes. In a small room beyond, a ladder lead to up through the ceiling into a short passage ending in a peculiar wall. wooden, with hinges on one side, they realized they were facing the other side of a secret door. Mamdair kicked it open.

A skeletally thin, gray skinned humanoid, wearing robes and arcane accoutrements, worked a table in the middle of the stone chamber. Book cases lined the walls, one of through which Mamdair and Travok had entered.

The creature looked up with glowing eyes. “We are Voyvod. Welcome to our home. I see our creatures,” he indicated to other wispy, vaguely humanoid shapes hovering nearby, “have brought you to us as we wished. You seem to be more resilient than your companions. You shall make an excellent subject for our experiments.”

Travok and Mamdair were less than overwhelmed to become part of anyone’s experiments. The fought quickly and fiercely, forcing the undead mage to retreat into the darkness of a tunnel in the far side of the room. They chased it down a sewer tunnel and back into the river filled cavern, but were not able to catch it before it escaped.

They discovered their companions in a magically darkened cavern just outside of the mage’s laboratory. Wakening them from an induced slumber, they group returned to the surface.



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