Purge of the Chaos Scar

Session 1

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Urged on by the roguish Cormac, the characters leave the safety (some say boredom) of their Village of Hommlet and strike out towards the dangerous and isolated Chaos Scar.

The heroes so far:

Travek, dwarven shaman

Born in the mountain dwarfhold of Hammerfast, parents were traders. Trading contingent wiped out, he was the only survivor at 8 yrs old. Ran away, survived in the mountains. Raised by wolves (no, literally J). His inclusion in the pack lead to his primal powers.
His pack leader ended up getting tainted by the Chaos Scar, and the whole group of wolves had to turn on the leader and destroy him.

The village of Hommlet is the closest civilization to where the pack lived.

Personality: Patient, Socially awkward, survival of the fittest

39 years old

Harash, half orc ranger

Both parents half orc, lived on the outskirts of Hommlet. Found Travek when the dwarf was 8 years old. Helped take care of Travek.

Personality: Gruff, blunt, also socially awkward

Halfling Paladin of Avandra

Mamdair Human Invoker of Bahamut, male, 18 years old

Grew up getting into lots of brawls, raised by dragonborn as an orphan. Constant need to prove his worth, physically and spiritually. He was on a errand for the church when the party struck out for the Chaos Scar; as a result he did not catch up with the group until early in the morning after the their first taste of battle. He as a sneaking suspicion Samdyn planned it that way. Those two have never seen eye to eye.
Personality: Endearing, Tolerant, Faithful. Bloodthirsty

Cormac, half elf bard

The self styled ‘leader’ of the party, Cormac is a budding bard and a thorough scoundrel. His father was a elven drunk, his mother a local ‘actress’; as such his upbringing was lacking a certain level of, let say, discipline. He has dreams of greatness, not a single one of which includes life in the drudgery of Hommlet. He convinced his closest friends to accompany him on the grand adventure to the Scar; he’s certain the excursion will bring him, at least, fame and fortune…

Charming, persuasive, persistent; Selfish

Along the way to the Keep of, the party comes across a lone white horse, bleeding. Following tracks into the forest, they discover a ruined fort held by goblins. Their first taste of action was a mixed success. their timing and tactics were raw and instinctive; what they lacked in coordination they made up for with determination. The goblins were destroyed. The captives, sadly, had already been killed.

They camped for the night.



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